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Program Description/Learning Skills

At Caleigh’s Place, we provide constructive experiences for the children through activities that promote pre-academic skills and large and small motor development. We teach practical life exercises which include teaching the child how to lace a shoe, tie a knot or bow or work with buttons, zippers and snaps when dressing themselves. They learn how to set or clear a table, use utensils and clean up spills or messes. They’re taught how to care for a pet – filling a water or food bowl and proper handling of animals. The teachers encourage social interaction and co-operation between children and teach them how to be courteous, loving, caring, sharing and hospitable – giving them opportunities to establish relationships with adults and children outside the family. These educational experiences provide a well-rounded development of the spiritual, mental, and physical abilities of each child.

On an academic level, teachers work with a wide range of instructive materials to help children learn in creative ways. Our accelerated reading program teaches the children to read and write with clear understanding – learning sentence construction, correct pronunciation and spelling. We teach them basic math concepts as early as three years of age, using fun, creative objects and games.

Outdoor play is an integral part of the development of your children. If dressed appropriately, children can play outdoors in most types of weather. If inclement weather – extreme heat or cold – prevents them from playing outside, gross motor activities will be offered indoors.
We believe that as children learn and grow at their own pace, in a loving, joyful, intellectually and creatively stimulating environment, they will develop the valuable, personal characteristics of self- confidence, self-discipline, concentration, perseverance, independence, initiative, curiosity, and a joy of learning and discovery.

Staffing Policies

We have a low student to teacher ratio.

Staff Ratios

  • 6 weeks-18 months: 5 students to one teacher
  • 18-30 months: 7 students to one teacher
  • 30 months: 8 students to one teacher
  • 3 year old: 12 students to one teacher
  • 4-5 year old: 14 students to one teacher
  • School age: 18 students to one teacher

If an employee is ill, a substitute will be present to ensure that the child/staff ratios are maintained.

All staffing members:

  • Have gone through comprehensive background checks as required by the state of Ohio.
  • Received training in First Aid, CPR, Communicable Disease recognition, and recognition of Child Abuse.
  • Are involved in continuing education and in-service training.
  • Follow stringent hand washing and disinfection procedures.

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